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Weddings at Craigadam

Leek, Bacon Walnut & Pheasant Quiche Topped with Feta Cheese

Ingredients : For the Pastry Case :- 3 oz. / 84g. Butter cut into pieces. 5 oz. / 140g. Plain Flour. Seasoning. 3 oz. / 84g. Parmesan Cheese. And, for the Filling :- 2 Leeks, washed and chopped small. 4 Rashers of Smoked Back Bacon cut into small pieces. 2 Pheasant Breasts cut into small […]

Casseroled Partridge with Red Cabbage, Wine & Chestnuts (Serves 2 to 3)

Ingredients : 25g / 1 oz. Dripping or Butter. 50g / 2 oz. Streaky Bacon cut into small pieces. 3 Partridges. 1 Red Cabbage. 2 Cooking Apples peeled, sliced and diced. 225g / 8 oz. Chestnuts (fresh, tinned or vacuum-packed). Salt and Pepper. 450 ml / ¾ Pint Red Wine. Recipe : Melt the fat […]

Stir-Fry Pheasant with Ginger & Lemon Sauce

Ingredients : For the Pheasant Marinade :- 6 Craigadam Pheasant Breasts cut into strips. 1 Clove of Garlic, finely chopped or grated. 3 Lemons’ Grated Rind (zest) and the lemon juice. 1 large piece of Ginger grated. Drizzle of Olive Oil. And, for the Lemon Sauce :- 2 Cartons of Crème Fraiche. Juice of 6 […]

Lamb with garlic and stuffing

Method for Lamb Place leg of lamb in roasting tray. Make small incisions & push in slice of garlic. Sprinkle lamb with rosemary dried or fine. Cook in hot oven uncovered for approx 1 hour. Make gravy with juices. Ingredients : 1lb frozen spinach. 3 slices of bread into breadcrumbs. ½ lb diced apricots. Salt […]

Roast Duck with Raspberry Sauce (serves 2)

Method for Duck Put duck in a roasting tray, put apple or ½ orange in cavity. Pour over apple or orange juice. Cover then cook for approx one to one and half hours. Ingredients : 8oz. fresh or frozen raspberries. ¼ pint wine vinegar. 1-tablespoon caster sugar. Approx ½ pint chicken stock. 2 teaspoon corn […]

Skewers of Organic Lamb in a Sulwath reduction (serves 4)

Ingredients : 45g Scottish lamb gigot, cubed. A few sprigs of fresh rosemary. 8 shallots, peeled and halved depending on size. Approx 100g button mushrooms. 1 green pepper cut in chunks. Freshly milled pepper. 30mls (2 tblsp) olive oil. 1 bottle Knockendoch Sulwath Ale. Galloway Lodge Poachers Pickle. 8 skewers. Recipe : If using wooden […]

Smoked Partridge/Pheasant on a tangy root salad

Ingredients : Smoked partridge/ smoked pheasant breasts. 2 carrots peeled and grated. 1 bunch radishes, washed & trimmed. 1 bunch watercress, washed & stalks trimmed Small bunch chives, snipped. 2 rashers of bacon, grilled until crispy & snipped into strips. Dressing : Freshly milled pepper. 4-tblsp olive oil. 1 tblsp red wine vinegar. Half a […]

Roast Pheasant (for 2)

Place in roasting tray, put apple in the cavity and pour apple juice over. Cook in medium oven approx one hour, if cooking more than one pheasant it takes a little longer. Make gravy from juices, adding apricot jam or red current jelly. All root vegetables are wonderful with pheasant.

Partridge (for 4)

Ingredients : 1 partridge per person. 2 onions. Salt and pepper. Flour. 2 carrots. 2 parsnips 1 small turnip. Chicken stock. Sunflower oil. Red currant jelly. Recipe : Dice all veg and put into roasting tray add a little oil and mix. Cook in medium oven for 10 minutes, take out and add flour, chicken […]

Haunch of Venison

Place haunch in a roasting tray and pour over apple juice. Cover venison. Does not need marinating as venison is very tender. Roast in medium oven for approx 1-½ hours. Make gravy using juice from venison, add a little flour, water from boiled vegetables or beef stock, red current jelly, salt and pepper, add a […]



Craigadam is a 1703 house set in 700 acres, where pheasants strut proudly up the drive. The farmhouse becomes a 'country house' inside: a sitting room with three vast sofas and numerous chairs, a dining table that seats 26, seven rooms in the stables, three more in the house, a billiard room and an honesty bar. Delightful, energetic Celia pulls it all together and creates a house-party feel. The food and wines are fabulous and the lamb, venison, partridge and duck come from the family's organic farm. Retire to a themed bedroom, a deep soak and a comfortable bed.
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