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Skewers of Organic Lamb in a Sulwath reduction (serves 4)

Ingredients :

  • 45g Scottish lamb gigot, cubed.
  • A few sprigs of fresh rosemary.
  • 8 shallots, peeled and halved depending on size.
  • Approx 100g button mushrooms.
  • 1 green pepper cut in chunks.
  • Freshly milled pepper.
  • 30mls (2 tblsp) olive oil.
  • 1 bottle Knockendoch Sulwath Ale.
  • Galloway Lodge Poachers Pickle.
  • 8 skewers.

Recipe :

  • If using wooden skewers, pre-soak to prevent charring.
  • In a bowl allow lamb, mushrooms, pepper, rosemary & shallots to marinade in olive oil. Leave for 15mins to absorb flavours.
  • Thread lamb & vegetables onto skewers & pre-heat grill pan. Lay skewers on pan & sizzle for 10 minutes until almost cooked.
  • Deglaze pan with half the ale & allow to simmer & reduce. Add a teaspoon of corn flour dissolved in ale to adjust consistency if required. Bring to the boil prior to serving to cook out added flour.
  • Serve lamb skewers with local potatoes, seasonal vegetables & Poacher’s Pickle.



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